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Fox Chase Bank. Dedicated to community development.

At Fox Chase Bank, we take seriously our commitment to good corporate citizenship. We are guided by the belief that the future of our bank is built from the strength and success of the local communities. Both the bank, at a corporate level, and our employees have a rich tradition of helping our neighbors. Today we support many nonprofit organizations through funding from the Fox Chase Bank Charitable Foundation and the Neighborhood Commitment Program.

Fox Chase Bank Charitable Foundation

Foundation grants are typically distributed to qualifying 501 (c) (3) organizations and are generally for specific program/project support. Organizations must uphold the mission of the Fox Chase Bank Charitable Foundation and meet specific requirements set forth by the Foundation. The Foundation focuses on opportunities where funding can affect significant results. MORE>

Neighborhood Commitment Program

The Neighborhood Commitment Program seeks to support employees and the organizations/events with which they are involved. The Neighborhood Commitment Program also covers purchase of program book ads, sponsorship of special events and donations of logo
items. MORE>

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